Glitz Beauty

Everyone competes in Glitz Beauty - Mandatory.  Judges will be looking for a total package contestant with a gorgeous face, gorgeous dress/suit, personality, stage presence and self confidence.

Bring the BLING – this is full out, full glitz category! Look and model your very best!  Girls 0 to 10 are required to wear short cupcake style pageant dress. Girls 11-12 may wear Short cupcake style or long gowns, 13 and up are required to wear long dress.   Lineup will be before and after beauty only.

Glitz N Glamour Wear

Everyone competes in Glitz N Glamour Wear - Mandatory.  Glitz N Glamour Wear is the ULTIMATE opportunity for your child to express his or herself in a tasteful and elegant and/or glamorous way with lots of GLITZ! Judges will be looking for creativity, fun, entertainment, great themes and spot on routines. Be sure to model at least 1/4 of the time for the judges. Use your imagination. Since this pageant is taking place over the Forth of July celebrated weekend ~ Sparkle and Glitzy Forth Of July Themed outfit is a great choice. Pro-am permitted in this category.

You may use props and bring your own music. Remember – 1 1/2 minute time limit so use you're your time wisely. If the prop(s) do not enhance your child's performance and really add to their performance, you might want to rethink using them.

You will have a maximum of 15 seconds to set up and remove prop(s) on stage. Please, no gymnastic moves such as cartwheels, splits, backbends, aerials or provocative moves, etc.

Safety is ALWAYS first!

Keep Glitz N Glamour Wear Age appropriate! You do not need a prop to score well in this category. Pro-am permitted in this category.

Outfit Of Choice – OOC

Optional Category - Model your choice of Glitz or natural outfit, casual wear, sportswear, themed wear, western wear, etc.

If using a prop, limit set up to 15 seconds. Pro-am permitted in this category.

You can bring your own music for this event or choose something from Mr. Tim's music library.


Optional Category - Contestant will wear a suit (skirt or pants), or a tasteful outfit (skirt, skort, pants and a nice shirt or blouse). Light makeup with mascara and light blush only.  Glitz is permitted.

Keep face and hair as natural as possible and keep hair away from face. 


Optional Category - One or two piece swim wear is permitted. Glitz recommended.  Swimwear must tasteful and age appropriate. If you think your swim wear is pushing the limits you will need to get a directors approval prior to the pageant.

Directors have the right to refuse any swim wear outfit at any time so if you are not sure, get a director's approval ! Pro-am permitted in this category. Mr. Tim will provide music for this event.


Optional Category - Color, B/W, Natural – Full Glitz or Natural Photo's Accepted Must include at least one head shot and one full body shot (Limit of three (3) photo's per contestant) Your name and age must be on the back of each submission and each Photo's must be in a clear protector Photo's will be returned to contestants at the end of the pageant when they turn in their number and pick up their score sheets.


(How scores are added up to determine winners)

Each contestant MUST compete in the two mandatory categories described above to win an Age Division title.  To win a Mini, Grand, Mega or Ultimate Grand Title, you must complete in Glitz Beauty, Glitz N Glamour Wear and one Optional category as a minimum, however, also have the option to compete in one additional optional categories to total 4 areas of competition.  The total scores are added up to include Glitz Beauty + Glitz N Glamour Wear + Highest Optional Category Score.  If you compete in 4 categories, the lowest optional score is dropped.  Category scores will be used to determine winners for overall Category Supreme titles.  Tie breakers are determined by revote of the judges.

  **Mega Mini Supreme and Mega Grand Supreme titles will only be awarded if there are at least 40 or more contestants.

If we have over 60 contestants, we will add one Mini Novice Supreme (0-12) and one Grand Novice Supreme (13 & Up) title which will be awarded the same prize package as the overall category supremes.

Over 750 contestants ~ Additional prizes will be added – check back often for updates!

This is a PREMIER EVENT ~ Don't miss out on all of the fun!