1. Breakdown of required competition for age division titles are outlined on the awards page. 

2. Breakdown of required competition for Supreme Titles are outlined on the awards page.

3. Crowning will be done in BEAUTY ATTIRE for all age divisions, girls & boys.

4. Boys are encouraged and welcome to compete. They are eligible for any title. If we have 5 boys, we will add a boy specific Mini Supreme title. If we have 10 boys, we will add a boy specific Grand Supreme title. All boys are eligible for the Ultimate Grand Supreme title if they enter into that package.

5. Ultimate Grand Supreme winner will never re–compete but will remain lifetime royalty.

6. A contestant, parent, vendor or guest who displays bad sportsmanship or improper conduct, before, during or after the pageant will be asked to leave with no refunds. No exceptions! We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone. Admission to the pageant is $10 per person, under 2 is free.

7. Late arrival to any category lineup will result in a 1/10th deduction in score by each judge. Since the pageant has to run on schedule, tardiness will affect your score. If the tardiness is a result of an unforeseen circumstance, meaning not the contestants fault, the director will have full discretion and final say whether or not a point deduction will apply. We are unable to wait and will keep the schedule moving so not to penalize the contestants who were on time. If you miss your category competition all together, you forfeit that score completely.

8. There will be a line–up before beauty only. Be on time – point deductions will apply if you are late to the beauty lineup or any other category competition. A tentative schedule will be posted for all areas of competition, however, Mr. Tim will also announce line ups throughout the competition.

9. Contestants are placed in line–up according to when their deposit, emcee sheet, entry form and photos are received (ALL 4 ITEMS). First in –last out or your choice in line up (first come–first serve).

10. Final deadline for entry items, Registration Forms, Emcee Sheet, Program Book Photo and deposits is June 15, 2012.  Photogenic Competition Photo's will be submitted at final registration.  Door entries will be accepted only if numbers are low and at director's discretion only.

11. No cameras  or video of any kind allowed in the ballroom. This includes mobile phone cameras! La Belle Fille Productions will be taking stage shots and video of our event. You will have the opportunity to purchase the video and/or photo's of your child during and after the pageant.

12. Contestants 2 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult during beauty line–up and crowning. Please, no exceptions. Parents may accompany children 2 and under on stage during optional events if they choose . NOTE: Parents/Adult – It is important that the judges focus on your child competing? We suggest that any parent (Adult), that goes on stage with the child that you wear dark, solid color clothing. This will detract the judges focus from you to the child while on stage. It will also make for better stage photos of your child.  A dress code will be enforced for this pageant... business casual or better required. 

13. No discounts or fees paid are transferrable from one contestant to another. If you put down a deposit or pay fees and then you can't attend the pageant, all fees are nonrefundable. No exceptions!

14. Only one discount can be used per contestant.

15. If you leave personal property or prize items at the pageant it will be your responsibility to make arrangements with director to have the items shipped to you. You will be responsible for all packaging and shipping costs. /Trackable shipping (UPS) will be used for all shipping.

16. Door badges and contestant numbers must be worn at all times. Do not attempt to enter the ballroom without a badge or contestant number. 

17. Please bring your child's social security number to crowning. If your child wins an award of  $600 or more, you must fill out a W–9 to receive the award. Contestants agree as a condition of entering the pageant that the prize winner is responsible for any and all taxes associated with their receipt of the prize.

18. Contestant/Parents/Guardians agree that if ANY deceptive practices were found to be used in entering or competing in this pageant that all prizes, titles, crowns and banners will be forfeited and returned immediately at contestant's expense, and an alternate winner will be chosen.

19. PAYMENT METHODS: Deposits accepted via US Postal Money Orders, Certified Bank Checks,or Mastercard, Visa thru PayPal until June 15, 2012. Sorry no personal check accepted. CASH ONLY – accepted at final registration.  A 4% service fee will be added to all payments made by PayPal and will be collected in Cash at final registration.

20. All fees are nonrefundable. No exceptions!

21. NO PRO–RATING, regardless of the number of entries. UGGP will not pro–rate under any circumstances.

22. If an age group reaches a large number of contestants, we will consider splitting the Ag Divisions or limiting the number of contestants for that age division. No guarantees. The decision will solely be at the discretion of the director.

23. There will be a time limit of 1 1/2 minutes for all events. When your time is up, you will be thanked and should exit the stage immediately. There will not be a point deduction if the contestant has not finished their routine as long as it is slightly over the time limit, however, in order to keep it fair and keep the schedule running on time! Please be sure to keep all routines under this time limit and make sure music is cued to stop.

24. Anyone receiving a crowned will be required to stay after crowning for group and individual photo's for promotional use.

25. Sibling Discounts –First child pays full entry fee (Full entry fee means entry fee amount required at the time of registration and deposit). Second and additional siblings pay half price entry fee of the price that the first child paid only if all siblings register within the same date price range. If second, third, etc. sibling doesn't register and pay during the same cutoff time frame as the first child, the sibling has to pay the full price.  Do not submit entries for siblings on the website registration pay or it will charge you the full amount.  Contact director to register siblings so that we can give you the appropriate discount.

26. Birth certificates and social security numbers may be requested. Please be prepared to show either form of ID if requested at final registration. If you do not have these items and an issue should arise requiring one of these items, forfeiture may occur. Final decision is at the discretion of the director.

27. Score sheets and submitted photo's will be given to each contestant at the end of the pageant after all of the title and group photo's are complete. Contestant must turn in their Contestant number to receive scores and photo's back. If you lose your number, you will have to pay a replacement cost of $25. The numbers are reused for each pageant so please do not lose or damage them!

28. Please DO NOT ask who or how many is in your age group –that information will not be discussed or provided to anyone prior to the pageant.

29. PROPS –UGGP staff are available to assist and help set up props to meet time requirements, however, arrangements must be made at final registration if you need assistance. NOTE: UGGP Staff will not be responsible or liable to any damage that may occur to any props regardless of circumstances. Time limits for Glitz N Glamour wear and outfit of choice is 15 seconds.

30.  Glitz Beauty - Girls 0 to 10 are required to wear short cupcake style pageant dress.  Girls 11-12 may wear Short cupcake style or long gowns, 13 and up are required to wear long dress.

31. Parents and Guests of Contestants – all children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. We do not want young children unsupervised running around as this can result in injury to the child, staff member or guest of the pageant. The Raleigh Convention Center has five levels, lots of stairs, escillators, elevators - PLEASE watch your children!  If a child is found to be running around or disrupting the pageant or the flow of the pageant schedule, the parent or guardian may be asked to remove the child and leave the pageant premises. PARENTS – Please watch your children at all times!!!    SAFETY FIRST ! !

32. UGGP Director(s) reserve the right to delete, update, edit or change any of the rules at any time, without notice.

33. We DO NOT double Crown. Awards will be determined based on overall scores for age division and Supreme titles.

34.  FINAL REGISTRATION - Final registration will be on Friday July 6th, 2012 from 1pm - 9pm.  NOTE:  FINAL PAYMENTS AND LAST MINUTE REGISTRATIONS - WE ACCEPT CASH ONLY !

35.  PHOTOGENIC - Judging for Photogenic begins on Friday July 6th, 2012 around 9pm.  If you are competing in Photogenic, your registration must be completed and photo's submitted by 9:00pm.

36.  INTERVIEW - Judging for Interview begins on Friday July 6th, 2012 at 7pm-9pm.  If you are competing in Interview, your registration must be completed 6:30pm.

37.  A tentative schedule for Saturday and Sunday will be posted Friday evening after all registrations are complete.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me if you have to any questions, voice your concerns or make suggestions. We want Universal Glitz N Glamour Pageant to truly be the pageant where fun, smiles and great competition are enjoyed by all.

Michele Quick